Frontline Eurosport on a busy Saturday
On the early afternoon of Jan 25, 2020, I put on my winter riding gear and fired up my beautiful 2018 BMW R1200GS (white) and I rode over to Frontline Eurosport to join the action of the Polar Bear Ride (PBR). There were 8-10 dikes parked in the far corner of the lot that belonged to other riders attending the PBR. There were another 8 or 10 bikes that appeared also to be riders bikes parked at various places around in the lot. I pulled up into a spot very near the front door and went inside to buy a new battery for my GS key fob. I was about 40 minutes early for the ride, but once inside I saw very many familiar faces as I have purchased two bikes, a 2014 Triumph 800XC SE and my present BMW GS from Frontline. As I walked around the very clean and neatly arranged bike shop I saw several more familiar faces of Frontline employees, all of whom seemed very busy. I briefly chatted with a couple of the employees I knew and then I looked around at the great selection of motorcycles they have there. Do I need a new bike? Hmm. But from what I can see, it looks like the motorcycle industry in the Roanoke Valley is doing just fine. Give ‘em a visit and see for yourself.
David Smith
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