2016 Ducati Diavel
Excellent experience - from the time Pat answered my first call to the dealer to the follow up call after the sale where they gave me the last piece of info I needed for the bike - Excellent. I first saw the bike in Cycle Trader which led me to the Frontline's website. There were plenty of pictures and info on the site. That's when I called Pat. We arranged to meet on Saturday. Once there, he gave his undivided attention and covered all my questions. Perfect balance of help while giving me time think about the deal. Once we made the agreement, Pat took care of everything, even seeing to it that I could take the bike that day. Meanwhile Mike from Service helped me with a few other things followed by Chip taking me through the paper signing. All at my pace with no push, no pressure. As I said before, excellent experience. Thank you. (Employee: Pat Metheny)
Tom Curtis
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