Excellent as always
Apologies if I missed anyone or got the name wrong on Mike. I'm bad with faces to start with and everyone wearing masks just makes it harder. I had already spoken to Tiffany very conveniently via email several times about service I wanted. I wanted to switch up the tires I was getting though so came in to discuss. Was not disappointed at the enthusiasm of putting completely inappropriate tires on my bike with the absolutely terrible longevity. These points were all discussed, clearly but with enthusiastic nods of approval implying the fact that it was going to look badass made up for all of that. That was exactly the encouragement I needed for my toy purchase validation and justification. These guys get it. Chip (I think, again mask..) popped around the corner at the mention of the tire model excitedly telling about his experience with them. They burn up quick, are loud as hell, maybe a little rough on the roads but they don't quite break away on you when getting it in corners like some of the other models! I was sold. He did answer my serious questions about wet weather performance with the same serious and important tone I used when asking it. Serious questions are important to ask when making ridiculous purchases such as these, and Chip (or the light haired masked man) knew this. Went back to service to schedule everything and Tiffany was on the ball, had my printout and got me squared away. Josh somehow recognize me in my mask and raincoat asking me if I still loved my scrambler. We commiserated on the challenges of riding this summer, said our goodbyes and I walked out of there into the rain with a giant bill that would make most people cry all with a smile on my face. Justified and happy with my choices. (Employee: Josh Cornwell, Tiffani Leary, Mike Byrne)
Brian Brindle
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