Safety in Braking
I am a little late with this review, but back on 06/13/2020 I had a front tire replaced. During the bike inspection for safety issues I was informed that I might should consider replacing my worn rubber brake lines. Seeing as how my 1998 Bmw R1100RT had 94,929 miles on it at the time, I did not argue with the finding. I purchased a stainless steel 5-line brake kit from Galfer. I live three hours away so I have to schedule service when I can, plus it is hard to stop riding to have service done when it is nice out. I finally made my appointment to have them installed 2,285 miles later on 10/21/2020. When I arrived that morning, like before, I was made to feel right at home. From the front door, to back to service, everyone spoke and offered help and coffee. Josh got me signed in and Tiffani spoke as she was back and forth taking care of phone customers. Once again Bob did a fast and fantastic job. He installing my brake lines and had me out well under the time I was expecting. What a top quality crew this dealership has! I will return with no hesitation. (Employee: Bob Burcher, Josh Cornwell, Tiffani Leary)
Richard Peebles
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