Superb Trading and Buying Experience
Yesterday I traded for a new Triumph Bonneville, and what can I say but that the entire experience was excellent. Everything from the trade evaluation, the test ride, Craigs extensive knowledge on every bike I asked him about, Chris efficiency with paperwork and securing a fantastic financing opportunity, the courtesy of all the staff....all of it was just superb. I dont think Ive ever had a better buying experience than I had yesterday at Frontline Eurosports. Well, when I purchased a bike last year from them that was excellent too. Really though, from start to finish I was incredibly pleased with the service I received and the deal we made. I found myself comfortable brought the entire process, and in the vehicle buying world that cannot often be said. Im already a repeat customer but I know that I will come back in the future again. I cant recommend Frontline Eurosports highly enough. (Employee: Craig Wickersham, Chris Waddell)
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