Better late than never!
A big thank you. In May of 2021 I had a rear brake failure on my 2019 GSA while on a 10 day tour. Was able to ride about 100 miles with no rear brakes to Frontline Eurosports. I was introduced to Service Mgr Tiffani Leary (Master BMW Technician) who had the bike inspected and diagnosed in a pretty short period of time. She and her technician came up with a way to work with the situation involving overnight delivery of parts and scheduling service time in their busy schedule. She and Tommy helped us with a local hotel and transportation to and from.. End result was we were back on the road by 12:30PM the next day. Two things I was really impressed with (coming from 40 yrs in the auto sales and service profession) was Tiffani's professionalism and knowledge, also the support and camaraderie of all the other employees I interacted with. A Big thank you to all! It's been a busy many months and I apologize for the delay in saying thanks. (Employee: Tiffani Leary, Hugh Huff)
Jim Chisholm
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